The key to a well running vehicle is maintenance.


Let us help you prolong the running life and safety of your vehicle with regularly scheduled maintenance.



Brown's Auto is a Pennsylvania state certified automotive inspection service. We will give your vehicle a complete and thorough safety inspection.


We respect your time, so we will not keep you waiting.


We accept cash, Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover.


Brown's Auto offers convenient and low cost oil change service.


Increase the lifespan of your engine with regular oil changes. Changing your vehicle's oil on a regular basis will help protect engine parts from excessive friction and heat. The oil becomes thick and less effective over time which prevents the oil from working properly. Keeping up with regular oil changes will keep your engine running efficiently and also results in better gas mileage.

      TUNE UP

• Check spark plugs and plug wires


• Check and replace air and fuel filters


• Check all belts and pullies


• Check alternator and battery


• Check all fluids


• Check radiator


Before we replace anything on your vehicle, we will always discuss your options with you.